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Beyond the CE Mark: How can we achieve Medtech Reimbursement in France, Dr. Benoit Salaun?

Dive deep into the heart of French market access with Dr. Stefan Walzer and Dr. Benoit Salaun on this episode of the Map Podcast. As experts in their fields, they dissect the intricacies of the French healthcare system, focusing on medical device reimbursement, and revealing the critical steps to success in this competitive landscape.

This episode is a goldmine for healthcare professionals, medtech innovators, and market access strategists seeking to penetrate the French market effectively. Gain unparalleled insights into securing the optimal position and price for your medical device in France. Embark on your journey to mastering French market access with expert guidance—listen today!

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How can we overcome the complexity of market access for medical devices in Spain, Sergio Gil?

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Spain’s healthcare industry with this enthralling episode of the Market Access podcast. Discover the vibrant world of medical devices in Spain and unlock the secrets to navigating this diverse market.

Sergio Gil, a luminary in the medical device realm with over 30 years of experience, takes us through the intricacies of Spain’s healthcare system. Dive deep into the unique challenges and opportunities that define Spain’s market, from its regional healthcare autonomy to the complex puzzle of reimbursement strategies.

This is a must-listen for startups aiming to launch in Spain and established companies seeking to expand their presence. Join us to navigate the complexities of Spain’s healthcare sector and position your company for success in this exciting market!

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The Startup Guide to Navigating Healthcare Reimbursement, Featuring Ron de Graaff

Dive into the heart of healthcare’s financial ecosystem with our electrifying new podcast episode, where Dr. Stefan Walzer, CEO, converses with the legendary Ron de Graaff, a titan in healthcare reimbursement since 1978. Ron’s journey through the evolving healthcare reimbursement landscape reveals not just the history but the future of navigating this complex world.

This episode is a treasure trove for anyone within the healthcare sphere, especially startups aiming to conquer the labyrinth of reimbursement. Embark on a journey to grasp the nuances of reimbursement strategy, the significance of staying abreast with regulations, and the art of market selection for your innovation.

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AMNOG 2.0 – significant changes for the industry since January 2023, correct – Dr. Flume?

Embark on an illuminating expedition into the heart of Germany’s pharmaceutical landscape! Join host Stefan Walzer and esteemed guest Matthias Flume, pharmacist and leader of a regional physicians association, as they delve into the transformative world of the AMNOG (Arzneimittelmarktneuordnungsgesetz) 2.0 reforms, spotlighting the pivotal 2023 updates.

Prepare to be engrossed by a narrative that not only scrutinizes the current state of pharmaceutical regulations but also ventures into speculative territory regarding future shifts. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of healthcare in Germany!

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How does the German evaluation committee work, Prof. Jürgen Wasem?

Dive into the complex world of healthcare reimbursement in Germany with this podcast episode, where the market access expert, Dr. Stefan Walzer, unlocks the intricacies of evaluating and integrating new diagnostic methods into the outpatient reimbursement catalogue. Join us as we explore the critical requirements for assessment, the pivotal role of the evaluation committee, a sub-committee of the German Federal Committee (G-BA), and the nuanced process of price setting in this unique healthcare landscape.

In an enlightening conversation with Prof. Jürgen Wasem, the Head of the arbitration board for the evaluation committee, we peel back the layers of this rigorous evaluation process, offering listeners an exclusive look at the inner workings of healthcare reimbursement decisions and the strategic considerations behind them.

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How will the US Inflation Reduction Act change pricing of pharmaceuticals, Anita Burrell?

Brace yourself for a groundbreaking episode on the MAP podcast that delves into the monumental shifts brought about by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the US pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Stefan Walzer and Anita Burrell MBA, experts in market access, unpack the seismic changes on the horizon as the IRA sets to renegotiate drug prices for Medicare and Medicaid, signaling an unprecedented departure from traditional pricing mechanisms.

This pivotal move by the US government, aimed at funding pharmaceuticals for populations over 65 and vulnerable groups, is poised to reshape the economic landscape, potentially leading to a ripple effect across the private insurance sector and a consequent decline in drug prices. With the prospect of reduced revenues, the discussion also ventures into speculative territory, exploring the implications for the availability of pharmaceuticals both within the US and globally.

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How to be successful in Canadian health care market access & pricing!

Unravel the complexities of Canadian health care reimbursement with a must-listen episode from the MAP podcast. Join Dr. Stefan Walzer, alongside Canadian health care experts Louise Perrault and Nicole Tunstall, as they demystify the process, spotlighting the unique challenges and opportunities within Quebec’s system. Dive deep into the essentials of successful market access strategies, from understanding the key requirements to negotiating and agreeing on prices within Canada’s intricate health care landscape.

This episode is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to navigate the Canadian health care reimbursement maze with confidence. Gain insights into the early steps crucial for planning success and discover the nuances of pricing in a system characterized by diverse institutions and negotiation dynamics. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to conquering Canadian health care reimbursement challenges.

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The AMNOG process – how does it work from a legal perspective, Alexander Meier?

Dive into the heart of Germany’s AMNOG process in this podcast episode, where the intersection of law and market access unfolds. Join Dr. Stefan Walzer, an AMNOG expert, and Alexander Meier, an experienced market access lawyer, as they explore the pivotal role of legal expertise in navigating the complexities of introducing innovative drugs in Germany. This engaging discussion sheds light on the crucial contributions of lawyers, from shaping negotiation strategies to finalizing legal contracts at the conclusion of the AMNOG process.

Discover the synergy between law and market access, and how this collaboration is instrumental in the successful launch of new drugs. Whether you’re a professional in the pharmaceutical industry or just fascinated by the interplay of law and healthcare, this episode offers unique insights into the AMNOG process and the role of legal professionals.

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The UK market access has always been complex, now even more than before, Graham Foxon and Paul Craddy?

Step into the evolving landscape of UK market access post-Brexit with our illuminating podcast episode. Dr. Stefan Walzer brings together market access mavens, Dr. Paul Craddy and Dr. Graham Foxon from Remap Consulting, to unravel the complexities and uncover the new innovation pathways that have emerged in the UK, spanning England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. This discussion goes beyond the basics, exploring how to navigate the unique market access avenues for both traditional and digital health products in a post-Brexit era.

Whether you’re seeking the best strategy for introducing your product to the UK market or curious about the latest in digital health pathways, this episode is packed with invaluable insights. Join us as we dive deep into the critical questions shaping market access in the UK today.

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Dutch payers are pragmatic, especially when discussing medical devices, isn’t it, Ron de Graaff?

Unlock the secrets of navigating the Dutch healthcare market with this podcast episode! Dr. Stefan Walzer teams up with Ron de Graaff, a master of market access in the Netherlands, to delve into the unique intricacies and opportunities that define the path for medical devices. Discover the blend of standard and pragmatic approaches of evidence-based medicine assessments and reimbursement processes in the Netherlands. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the healthcare industry, this episode is packed with essential insights and strategies for anyone looking to make a mark in the Dutch healthcare market.

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What can Europeans learn from Canada for the upcoming EU joint HTA, Gabriel Tremblay?

Dive into the future of healthcare collaboration in Europe with an eye-opening discussion on the upcoming EU joint Health Technology Assessment (HTA). With the European Commission’s recent announcement, the healthcare landscape is poised for a significant shift, yet questions linger about its implementation, timing, and integration into national frameworks across EU member states. How will this compare to Canada’s pioneering joint HTA process, established in the early 2000s, which harmonized evaluations across its provinces?

Join Dr. Stefan Walzer and Gabriel Tremblay, a renowned Canadian Health Economic Expert, as they explore the invaluable lessons European healthcare systems can draw from Canada’s experience. This conversation promises to shed light on critical aspects of reimbursement and market access that could shape the future of healthcare in Europe.

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Digital Health Care is already fully utilized in the US, isn’t it?

Step into the future of healthcare with Dr. Stefan Walzer and Kate Claessens, on this podcast episode where we dissect the pulse of digital health in the USA. From public acceptance to intricate reimbursement pathways, and the potential shifts under the Biden administration, we’re covering the essentials you need to know. How does digital healthcare navigate the complex US reimbursement landscape? What strategic moves should you anticipate next?

Join us as we delve into these critical discussions, offering more expert insights with the practical experience of Anna Forsythe, a titan in global product commercialization and strategic drug development from Purple Squirrel Economics. Whether you’re eyeing the US market for your digital health solutions or simply keen on the latest in healthcare innovation, this episode is your roadmap to understanding and conquering one of the world’s most lucrative markets.

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Does the Italian reimbursement pathway allow for innovative drugs being highly priced, Dr. Stefano Capri and Dr. Entela Xoxi?

Venture into the heart of Italy’s healthcare system with Dr. Stefan Walzer and two Italian experts, Prof. Dr. Stefano Capri and Dr. Entela Xoxi, as they unravel the complexities of the Italian reimbursement landscape. This episode takes you behind the scenes of Italy’s innovation pathway, exploring what this evolution means for the pharmaceutical industry and health care accessibility. Is negotiating a premium price for new treatments as straightforward as it seems? Join us for an enlightening discussion that sheds light on these questions and more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to deepen your understanding of global market access strategies. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform or listen directly on our website. Stay ahead of the curve with MArS, your go-to bi-weekly podcast for exclusive insights into market access and pricing strategies.

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How do innovations reach patients in German hospitals, Dr. Sebastian Casu?

Unlock the secrets to healthcare innovation in this podcast episode as Dr. Stefan Walzer and Dr. Sebastian Casu, a renowned medical doctor and influencer, delve into the pivotal role of NUBs, OPS, and DRG values in patient care. Wondering how groundbreaking innovations bypass administrative hurdles to reach those in need? Or what the future holds for digital health care in Germany? Our experts continue the riveting discussion from Episode 9, featuring insights from Willi Wöllner, to explore the cutting-edge of inpatient market access and digital healthcare advancements. Don’t let this conversation pass you by – tune in now for a deep dive into bedside innovation and the digital transformation of healthcare. Be part of the forefront of market access dialogue with MArS, the first and only bi-weekly podcast dedicated to market access insights.

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How does hospital funding work in Germany, Willi Wöllner?

Dive into the intricate world of reimbursement within the German hospital setting with Dr. Stefan Walzer and experienced hospital administrator Willi Wöllner as they unravel the complexities of inpatient care negotiations. Ever wondered how hospitals and health insurance funds hash out annual budgets? Or what a NUB is and its significance in these discussions? Perhaps you’re curious if industry really can take part in this process. Our experts are peeling back the layers of the business side of hospital operations, setting the stage for an enlightening follow-up on the medical perspective with Dr. Sebastian Casu in the next episode. Don’t miss this insightful journey into the heart of healthcare financing. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform and connect with the cutting-edge insights from MArS Market Access and Pricing Strategy.

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Bibiane Schulte-Bosse – How to fight well in AMNOG negotiations.

Step into the high-stakes world of healthcare negotiations in this podcast episode, where Dr. Stefan Walzer, together with negotiation expert and lawyer Bibiane Schulte-Bosse, unravels the intricate dance of price negotiations within the AMNOG process. This episode offers a deep dive into the critical negotiation phase of AMNOG, shedding light on strategies and insights that define the outcome of healthcare product market access in Germany. Curious about the behind-the-scenes of healthcare negotiations? Have questions you’re burning to ask? Join us for a riveting exploration of the AMNOG negotiations. Subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform to never miss an insight!

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Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz & Dr. Anne Sophie Geier – 1 year DIGAs.

Join Dr. Stefan Walzer as he delves into the transformative world of digital health with a critical look at the first year of DIGAs. Is the “fast track process” for digital health applications truly making waves in healthcare innovation? This episode brings in the expertise of two digital health luminaries, Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz of FOM University and Dr. Anne Sophie Geier from the head association of digital healthcare SVDGV, to dissect the current state of digitalization in the German healthcare system. Engage with the forefront of digital healthcare discussions and stay ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the digital pulse of healthcare. Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform and be part of the conversation shaping the future of health.

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Dr. Mathias Flume – AMNOG will change in 2022, but how?

Dive into the heart of Germany’s healthcare landscape in this podcast episode, where Dr. Stefan Walzer engages in a riveting discussion with Dr. Mathias Flume, a core stakeholder within the regional payer system at one of the most innovative Statutory Health Insurance Physician Associations (KV Westphalia-Lippe). This episode unravels the complexities of the AMNOG process and provides an insider’s look into the market access process in Germany. Join us as Mathias gives his perspective in evaluating a decade of AMNOG: has it been a journey of success or a path of challenges? Tune in to gain unparalleled insights into the dynamics that shape healthcare in Germany.

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