How do innovations reach patients in German hospitals, Dr. Sebastian Casu?

Unlock the secrets to healthcare innovation in this podcast episode as Dr. Stefan Walzer and Dr. Sebastian Casu, a renowned medical doctor and influencer, delve into the pivotal role of NUBs, OPS, and DRG values in patient care. Wondering how groundbreaking innovations bypass administrative hurdles to reach those in need? Or what the future holds for digital health care in Germany? Our experts continue the riveting discussion from Episode 9, featuring insights from Willi Wöllner, to explore the cutting-edge of inpatient market access and digital healthcare advancements. Don’t let this conversation pass you by – tune in now for a deep dive into bedside innovation and the digital transformation of healthcare. Be part of the forefront of market access dialogue with MArS, the first and only bi-weekly podcast dedicated to market access insights.

Listen to the podcast: here