What do we offer...
We offer support to help you navigate the reimbursement environment within the healthcare systems of Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Initially we provide you practical information about the reimbursement landscape, how your medical device fits within the landscape and the process you will need to follow to achieve reimbursement. Once you have achieved a solid understanding of market access within the target countries, we then provide you with ongoing support as you submit and obtain these reimbursements.
In order to obtain reimbursement for your medical device in a given country, a positive decision from a relevant governmental body is required. This decision is based on the benefits that your medical device provides within the context of that countries healthcare system. However, healthcare system and reimbursement rules and regulations differ substantially between countries. Similarly, reimbursement rules and regulations often change according to a national agenda to control annual healthcare expenditure. As a result it is important for companies with new medicinal products, for which they will seek reimbursement, to be aware of the latest rules and regulations and have some oversight of how these might change in the future.
Knowledge gap
Companies often do not have the knowledge or the resources to develop and implement an appropriate reimbursement strategy, which can have a negative effect on their ability to raise investment and grow the company. The good news is that our team of local experts in the field of reimbursement can advise and guide you through the process of achieving an adequate reimbursement for your medical device.
We have developed a web based system that allows companies to contact our experts and receive tailor-made advice. The system is easy to use and consists of a 3-step process.
  • Step 1 - You provide us with information about the relevant product.
  • Step 2 - You then answer 10 questions about the product, following which we contact you to give you our first impression and discuss which follow-up package may suit you best.
  • Step 3 - Based on our advice, you choose one of our three tailor-made packages.
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What you get...
The following topics are included in the various sets of questions
About us
Petra Wülfroth
Petra Wülfroth Ph.D
Petra Wülfroth has 20 years experiences in consulting for biotech and medtech companies. She is the founder of accella advisors GmbH, located in Switzerland, a consulting company with long- lasting experience in supporting start- up companies, developing business strategies and accompanying turn- around management. Importantly, it is the company´s mission not to concentrate on pure consulting projects but to support the implementation process. She also has been coach, mentor and juror in numerous businessplan competitions. Most recently she was appointed innovation mentor by Innosuisse, the Swiss government innovation agency. Petra Wülfroth has a long-standing R&D experience in Pharma- and Biotech companies in Germany, Switzerland and Japan. She studied pharmacy at the University Heidelberg and received her PhD at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg
Petra Wülfroth
Dr. Stefan Walzer
Dr. Stefan Walzer has more than 15 years experience in payer strategy, pricing, health economics and reimbursement strategy and is one of the founders of MaxInsights. He previously worked as a payer consultant for various global pharmaceutical and medical device / diagnostic companies, successfully launching their products across the world and specifically in Germany. Dr. Walzer is experienced in the development of early payer strategies and the related evidence generation. He also teaches at the Charitè in Berlin, The University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten and State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg (all Germany). Besides other publications Dr. Walzer is also the lead author of the book chapter “Vergütungshöhe und Preissetzung” [Reimbursement value and pricing] in Business Planning in Health Care (http://www.springer.com/de/book/9783658081850).
Petra Wülfroth
Ron de Graaff, LL.M
Ron de Graaff LL.M has more than 40 years experience in consulting for pharmaceutical and medtech companies. He is the founder of Seijgraaf Consultancy in 1985, located in The Netherlands. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of the Agora Network and the IHC Consulting company in Switzerland. Ron has focussed his professional life on health insurance and health financing issues as well as dental care and reimbursement of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Ron is a senior expert in issues of DRG financing (or in Dutch DBC) in the Netherlands. Over the years he has advised more than 600 private and public sector health care providers, insurers and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, giving advice mainly in the field of strategy and policy structures, related to and resulting from the finance structures of the Dutch healthcare system (over 2,500 projects). His past duties involved: Chairman of Umbrella Organization of Medical Technology in the Netherlands (SOMT) and various advisory roles of the Dutch Healthcare Authority and the National Reimbursement Authority.
Petra Wülfroth
Frank Altmeyer
Frank Altmeyer is partner of different consulting companies focused on the healthcare industry. These companies prepare "studies and charts", answering specific questions. The focus of their work is on the outpatient care market. Thereby, we deal with products, therapies, services and other attendance. Their customers include service providers, manufacturers and suppliers, cost bearers as well as associations and organizations, especially in the field of medical products and medical technology. The range of services includes research and market research, strategic management consulting together with support in the acquisition and sale of companies. The studies and charts offer data and information on market (volume), market systematics, market participants and market perspectives.
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