How will the US Inflation Reduction Act change pricing of pharmaceuticals, Anita Burrell?

Brace yourself for a groundbreaking episode on the MAP podcast that delves into the monumental shifts brought about by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the US pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Stefan Walzer and Anita Burrell MBA, experts in market access, unpack the seismic changes on the horizon as the IRA sets to renegotiate drug prices for Medicare and Medicaid, signaling an unprecedented departure from traditional pricing mechanisms.

This pivotal move by the US government, aimed at funding pharmaceuticals for populations over 65 and vulnerable groups, is poised to reshape the economic landscape, potentially leading to a ripple effect across the private insurance sector and a consequent decline in drug prices. With the prospect of reduced revenues, the discussion also ventures into speculative territory, exploring the implications for the availability of pharmaceuticals both within the US and globally.

Listen to the podcast: here