The AMNOG process – how does it work from a legal perspective, Alexander Meier?

Dive into the heart of Germany’s AMNOG process in this podcast episode, where the intersection of law and market access unfolds. Join Dr. Stefan Walzer, an AMNOG expert, and Alexander Meier, an experienced market access lawyer, as they explore the pivotal role of legal expertise in navigating the complexities of introducing innovative drugs in Germany. This engaging discussion sheds light on the crucial contributions of lawyers, from shaping negotiation strategies to finalizing legal contracts at the conclusion of the AMNOG process.

Discover the synergy between law and market access, and how this collaboration is instrumental in the successful launch of new drugs. Whether you’re a professional in the pharmaceutical industry or just fascinated by the interplay of law and healthcare, this episode offers unique insights into the AMNOG process and the role of legal professionals.

Listen to the podcast: here